Bamboo Massage


Bamboo massage is an innovative modality that integrates the use of heat and bamboo tools in varying shapes and sizes to apply massage to the bodies muscles.

Bamboo massage is a very versatile technique that can be applied as a luxurious Swedish style massage or as a deep tissue massage. The gentle heat from the bamboo increases circulation and softens muscle tissue and fascial restrictions.

The tools were created to be an extension of the therapists hands and designed to easily replicate the movements and techniques they do with their hands, thumbs and forearms. Kneading, compression, rolling, Trigger Point Therapy and effleurage all combine together in this amazing hand saving modality.

The rolling and kneading of the bamboo sticks stimulates and heats the body, thereby dissipating accumulated toxins. The enhanced circulation moving through the body, heart and lungs also helps to remove stagnant toxins.

Similarly it improves lymphatic drainage and the removal of excess fluids and is thus a perfect massage treatment as part of a detox and / or weight loss program.

Like any form of massage, there are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits. At minimum, it produces a deep sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing. In fact, many believe it to be a powerful and safe therapy to reduce or eliminate the stress commonly associated with contemporary daily life.

Appointment Types and Prices

Full Body – 60 mins – £50

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